Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing

My kids love ranch dressing, but store-bought ranch is the one of the worst things you can add to make your kids eat their veggies. So I went on a mission to figure out how to make a healthy alternative ranch dressing that tastes and looks like the “real thing”!

This ranch dressing is dairy-free and thick. It is perfect for dipping and tastes great. It took me a while to get it creamy and thick like my kids prefer, but it was worth the time knowing that they are eating a real unprocessed food. So have some fun in the kitchen and feel free to tweak it to find the perfect mix for your taste buds.

Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing

Start with adding the vinegar to the almond milk and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This creates a homemade dairy-free buttermilk. Mix the above seasonings with the mayo and then stir in the almond milk and vinegar mixture and whisk until creamy and smooth. I mix mine with a submersible hand blender or Magic Bullet. Store in an air-tight container and place in the fridge. You won’t even miss your old ranch dressing (or as I call it…HFCS Dressing!

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