Herbal Burger

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned burger hot off the grill. The best part about making hamburgers is deciding what to add to your meat. Sometimes I can’t decide…and that’s how I came up with my Herbal Burger. It’s simple, but full of complex flavors that turn your plain old hamburger into a masterpiece.

This summer, I planted my own little herb garden in order to have access to fresh herbs. It was the inspiration for this recipe. Herbs and seasonings are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. So adding them to your foods not only makes them taste better, but can spike its nutritional benefits. Now, just adding some herbs does not automatically make your burger healthy. The quality of your meat and what you eat with it makes a huge difference. That is why I always recommend using grass-fed beef and cheese. Trust me, it makes a huge difference.

Herbal Burger

Place your ground beef into a small mixing bowl and add your egg, salt and pepper. Then, after dicing your onion, chop your fresh herbs into the onion and add it to the meat. Make your Herbal Burger patties (about 4-5 oz) and grill them to your desired temperature (I like mine medium to medium-rare). Add your cheese (or omit if you cannot eat diary) and create your masterpiece with your choice of fresh toppings (I love to use romaine lettuce or spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms or sometimes avocado). If you are trying to avoid grains/bread, use big leaves of romaine lettuce instead. If you must have a bun, use a sprouted grain or a gluten-free brand. Finally, top it off with some organic ketchup, spicy mustard or some of my homemade healthy mayo.

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