Kiwi Sorbet

I’m always looking for unique ways for my kids to eat a variety of fruits. One way that I discovered to this is by making fresh fruit sorbet. It sounds fancy, but this sorbet is simple to make and it tastes great. I have found sorbet to be a great alternative to my old ice cream addiction and an ally in reaching my weight loss goals.

In this recipe I will focus on kiwi, but you can experiment with any fruit to make a healthy, whole fruit sorbet in no time. Kiwi is one of those fruits that I love to buy, but since I buy a lot of my produce in bulk, couldn’t eat fast enough. So, making sorbet out of your fruit before it goes bad it a great way to add a treat to your weekly menu and save on your grocery budget. Kiwi is a great source of Vitamin C & K and can help aid respiratory health.

Kiwi Sorbet

Take the above ingredients and mix in a processor (I use the Magic Bullet), place in a container and store in the freezer for a few hours. Use a melon ball spoon to scoop out your sorbet and enjoy! The above recipe makes about 6 triple-scoop servings.


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