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Kiwi Sorbet

Kiwi Sorbet

I’m always looking for unique ways for my kids to eat a variety of fruits. One way that I discovered to this is by making fresh fruit sorbet. It sounds fancy, but this sorbet is simple to make and it tastes great. I have found sorbet to be a great alternative to my old ice […]

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chocolate pudding

Primal Chocolate Pudding

I used to eat “sugar-free” pudding thinking it was a healthy treat. It’s low-calorie and sugar free…so what’s wrong with it? Well, if you like to eat a bunch of chemicals that are slowing breaking down your body and food you can’t even pronounce…then nothing! But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your pudding fix. A […]

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chocolate chip cookies

Paleo Cookies

Who doesn’t like a moist, warm chocolate chip cookie? If it’s made in the traditional american style, your body doesn’t…that’s who. But with this cookie, you can rest easy and know that it is made from real stuff and safe for those who have allergies to (or are trying to avoid) gluten, processed junk and dairy. […]

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Fat-Killer Mini Brownies

Fat-Killer Mini Brownies

These brownies are loaded with ingredients that are actually great for your fat burning or health goals, and satisfy any sweet tooth you may have. Plus the size of them helps for portion control. Traditional brownies are loaded with vegetable oils, fined sugars and flours with lots of unhealthy side effects (I’ll explain what some of […]

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