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Grain-Free Stuffing

So you’re trying to eat healthy and the holidays are right around the corner. The last thing you wanna do is throw out your new eating lifestyle and gain back all that you’ve lost on the scale because of what’s on your plate this holiday. There is good news. You have alternatives. There are tons […]

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Quinoa and Black Bean Salad

Quinoa is an interesting food. It’s not a grain, but actually a seed of a plant that is most closely related to the spinach, beet and chard family. If you are new to cooking with quinoa, this Quinoa and Black Bean salad is a perfect recipe to start with, especially if you are trying to avoid grains. Quinoa […]

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Berry-Maple BBQ Sauce

Blackberry Maple BBQ Sauce

I used to always use store-bought sauce. Then I read the ingredients and figured…there has to be a healthier alternative (without all the HFCS). That is when I discovered it’s simple to make your own bbq sauce. Now, I realize that someone’s bbq can be a sacred cow, and that everyone has different tastes. So, I […]

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Wild Rice and Cranberry Salad

Summer is in full force and for us that means lots of parties, picnics and cookouts. The question that always comes up is, “What are we going to bring?” Well, this Wild Rice and Cranberry Salad is one of our go-to side dishes that always pleases the crowd. It’s gluten-free and is a great mix of tang […]

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Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing

My kids love ranch dressing, but store-bought ranch is the one of the worst things you can add to make your kids eat their veggies. So I went on a mission to figure out how to make a healthy alternative ranch dressing that tastes and looks like the “real thing”! This ranch dressing is dairy-free […]

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chocolate pudding

Primal Chocolate Pudding

I used to eat “sugar-free” pudding thinking it was a healthy treat. It’s low-calorie and sugar free…so what’s wrong with it? Well, if you like to eat a bunch of chemicals that are slowing breaking down your body and food you can’t even pronounce…then nothing! But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your pudding fix. A […]

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