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Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Need a quick appetizer that is simple to make and sure to please the crowd? Then you have to try these bacon-wrapped dates. The combination of the salty bacon and the sweetness of the date compliment each other perfectly. Plus, since they are pitted, you can add a little surprise in the middle of them to […]

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Lime-Cilantro Grilled Shrimp

I’m a huge seafood fan, and since I have started my new heath journey, I am more convinced that I should eat more wild caught fish. One of my family’s favorites is our Lime-Cilantro Grilled Shrimp. Unfortunately, the nearest ocean is more than 12 hours away from me, but that doesn’t mean with some creative “hunter-gather” skills I […]

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Berry-Maple BBQ Sauce

Blackberry Maple BBQ Sauce

I used to always use store-bought sauce. Then I read the ingredients and figured…there has to be a healthier alternative (without all the HFCS). That is when I discovered it’s simple to make your own bbq sauce. Now, I realize that someone’s bbq can be a sacred cow, and that everyone has different tastes. So, I […]

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Herbal Burger

There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned burger hot off the grill. The best part about making hamburgers is deciding what to add to your meat. Sometimes I can’t decide…and that’s how I came up with my Herbal Burger. It’s simple, but full of complex flavors that turn your plain old hamburger into a masterpiece. […]

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Dairy-Free Ranch Dressing

My kids love ranch dressing, but store-bought ranch is the one of the worst things you can add to make your kids eat their veggies. So I went on a mission to figure out how to make a healthy alternative ranch dressing that tastes and looks like the “real thing”! This ranch dressing is dairy-free […]

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Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Bacon Brussels Sprouts

I am always looking for creative ways to get my family to eat healthier foods, especially veggies. One veggie in particular that I love, but had a hard time getting my wife and kids to eat, was brussels sprouts. Brussels Sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin K & C and a very good source of […]

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